Terms & Conditions: Inntel Hotel Utrecht Centre


  1. Room rates include Breakfast
  2. Room rates free WiFi
  3. Room rates are including actual tax, tourist tax and -fees and service charge
  4. Rates quoted will be pre charged to you by the hotel from 30d before arrival onwards

General Terms and Conditions (details may vary per hotel)

  1. Payment Policy(details vary per hotel)

·         Reservations are subject to room availability

  1. Cancellation Policy(details vary per hotel)

·         For individual reservation, guest to pay direct to hotel by payment linkg at least 2 weeks before arrival

·         Room Cancellation 16 days prior to arrival date, there is no penalty charge.   

·         Room Cancellation between 16 days prior to arrival and the arrival date, a penalty of of the full night room charge will apply   

·         No show means failure to arrive at hotel on the day booked for arrival and  a penalty of of the full night room charge will apply     

·         Hotel to hold reservation until 24.00 hrs. of the day booked for arrival. For late night arrival with arrival flight information given to hotel, room will be kept three (3) hours after flight landing time.

·         If guest has not informed hotel of the change on arrival date or arrival time, hotel can release booking and full room charge penalty apply.

·         If guest arrives at a subsequent date, then guest will not be refunded for the date between scheduled and actual arriva